One of the most challenging things in life (for me ) is flying. In order to overcome my fears, I visited an open house for Mettetal Airport in Canton, Mi, and I sure learned so many interesting facts about small plains, turbulence, and  of course flying. Very educational and helpful for people who face fear flying commercial airplanes, and for those of us who are trying to eliminate the fear. 

The open house was for everyone from people who want to learn how to fly to people with no experience of flying, This event runs twice a year and it is a great opportunity to fly small plains with experienced instructor for about 20 minutes.

 Now, I am ready for my next adventure.....flying ! More (areal) pictures to come soon...  




Very special thanks to Tuan Tran for his time educating me about the brave volunteers  that serve in the CIVIL AIR PATROL.  People like him, who donate their time and effort to make a difference in the community.

Thank you Jo Ellen Harris, your Russian was better than mine, I was really impressed.;-) 



For more information about how to become a volunteer in Civil Air Patrol please visit the link: