Gary, Indiana

Abounded Gary - a lost Metropolis of Indiana Industry

Gary , Indiana is located southeastern portion of the Chicago Metropolitan area. The city is known for its large steel mills , and for being the birthplace of the The Jackson 5 music group. Found in 1906, the city was name after the lawyer Elbert Henry Gary, who was the founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation. (American Steel).

Driving down Broadway Avenue, once known as a MAIN STREET, we found number of abounded social clubs, theater marquees, beauty shops and churches. Some of the building soon will be "demolished by neglect".

Pictures were take with a great help of my friend Robert Ives and a Detroit  photographer Teddy Iglesias( who helped me locating some of the building).

From first to last :

Gary Union Station, St. Stephen's Baptist Church, and The Palace.

Thank you for taking some time and explore my gallery. Enjoy the photographs.