St. Agnes / Martyrs of Uganda Parish Church

The construction of St. Agnes began in 1914 and was complete in 1924 with almost 1500 seats in the sanctuary. In 1916 the school was built just next door. The Church and school thrived in 1960, when 200 girls attended the St. Angus High School , 22 nuns worked there with help of three priests.

In 1967, a police raid on an after-hour drinking establishment down the street led to a confrontation between officers and residents that quickly grew into one of the worst outbursts of civil unrest the country would ever see. Even the church was not unscathed by the raid, the buildings surrounding it were burned to the ground. LaSalle Park neighborhood would never recover.

In 1981 Mother Theresa visited the church and had  a speech in front of  1500 people. In 1986 only 180 families attended the church, St. Agnes closed its doors in 1989.

Pictures were taken a few days ago. Special thanks to Russell W. Colquist  and great local photographer Teddy Eduardo Iglesias.