Boeing 747 Flight Simulator

I had an incredible chance to experience myself  Boeing 747-200 flight simulator , Kalitta Air industrial leader in worldwide scheduled and on demand cargo (42 countries in 6 continents). While photographing the young  Civil Air Patrol cadets,  I experienced their excitement , knowledge, courage and training taking off and landing. I should say (from personal experience ;-)   that taking off was easy, landing is something that require  great skills. 

Boeing 747 is Big, Fast, and Heavy!! 

250,000 lbs of cargo

364,000 lbs of fuel  

Max takeoff weight - 833,000 lbs

Length - 232'  

Wingspan - 195' 

Cruise Speed 500-510 MPH . THIS IS THE FASTEST AIRLINER in the sky. 



HUGE thanks to our flight instructor - Captain Sean Horton and Kalitta Air. Also big thanks to all cadets and seniors at Civil Air Patrol.

United States Air Force Auxuliary  

Please enjoy the photographs. 


Boeing  747.jpg

HUGE THANKS to Captain  Sean Horton.